eCourses from Patriot Bible University


Patriot’s unique curriculum is reading-based, self-directed, and self-paced.

Students do not sit through taped lectures, write pages of notes, and take multiple 'guess' tests. Rather, each Patriot course includes a 200-300 page textbook accompanied by a colorful workbook. The high quality workbooks ask the student questions directly from the reading assignment and the Bible. Read - Answer - Reinforce.

How eCourses Work: The course workbook is delivered as an interactive pdf file that allows you to type your answers and email it back to PBU for grading.

Our eCourse books are either a PDF document OR an eBook. The workbook is an interactive PDF document.

All students are required to have a KJV Bible (Digital or Print).

Patriot Bible University offers Christian Bible degrees at the undergraduate, graduate, and non-degree levels with conservative self-directed study courses.

Educating The 'Called' : Biblical Higher Education that is specially tailored for pastors, Christian school teachers and administrators, church staff, missionaries, evangelists, and all Christian workers who wish to continue their Biblical higher education.

"The education is excellent, the price is affordable,
and the programs are flexible."

We exist to educate the faithful remnant and those called by God into ministry.
> Student Loans not required! <
And there is no need to quit your job to attend.